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-About synthetic biology

Jan Roelof van der Meer (2010)Bacterial Sensors: Synthetic Design and Application Principles. Morgan and Claypool publishers.

-About arsenic and nitrates pollution

Litter, Marta I. La problemática del arsénico en la Argentina: el HACER. Universidad de San Martín. Available in web:

Fatima Hashmi and Joshua M. Pearce, Viability of Small-Scale Arsenic-Contaminated Water Purification Technologies for Sustainable Development in Pakistan, Sustainable Development, 2011, 19(4), pp. 223-234

-About arsenic and nitrates detection

Stocker, J. et al. (2003) Development of a Set of Simple Bacterial Biosensors for Quantitative and Rapid Measurements of Arsenite and Arsenate in Potable Water. Environ. Sci. Technol., 37, 4743-4750

Emil Aaltonen (2008), Procaryotic arsenic resistance- Studies in Bacillus Subtilis Media-Tryck, Lund, Sweden

Wackwitz, A. et al. (2008) Internal arsenite bioassay calibration using multiple bioreporter cell lines. Microbial Biotechnology 1(2), 149–157.

Siegfried, K et al. (2012) Field Testing of Arsenic in Groundwater Samples of Bangladesh Using a Test Kit Based on Lyophilized Bioreporter Bacteria. Environ. Sci. Technol., 46, 3281−3287

-Wikis of groups who had worked in arsenic a nitrates detection:

Team Edinburgh 2006. Arsenic Biosensor. Available in web:

Team Groningen 2009. Heavy metal scavengers with a vertical gas drive. Available in web:

Team Edinburgh 2009. TNT/RDX Biosensor and Bioremediator. Available in web:

Team Bristol 2010. agrEcoli. Available in web:

Team Cornell 2012. Arsenic Reporter. Available in web:

Team OUC China 2012. Nitrate-sensitive sensor. Available in web:

-About Incoherent Feed-forward loop

Alon, Uri (2007) An introduction to systems biology: design principles of biological circuits. Chapman and Hall CRC. P. 57-64

Basu et al. (2004) Spatiotemporal control of gene expression with pulse-generating networks. PNAS, vol. 101, no. 17, 6355–6360.

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