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Parts Submitted

Registry Code Type Sequence Description Length
Bba_K1106000 Composite mRFP generator under hybrid promoter: HSL-LuxR activated, P22 C2 repressed 938 bp
Bba_K1106001 Composite P22 c2 generator under PLL promoter 970 bp
Bba_K1106002 Composite psp3 generator under lux pR promoter 437 bp
Bba_K1106003 Reporter mRFP generator under Ars promoter 1390 bp
Bba_K1106004 Reporter GFP generator under Ars promoter 1404 bp
Bba_K1106005 Composite LuxR generator under a constitutive promoter 982 bp
Bba_K1106006 Reporter Pulse generator part 3 1928 bp
Bba_K1106007 Composite Pulse generator part 2(not sent) 1415 bp
Bba_K1106008 Composite Pulse generator part 1 1327 bp
Bba_K1106009 Generator LuxR generator with a strong RBS 939 bp
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