Team:Buenos Aires/ tour-device


The Device

We needed to make a device easy to use and cheap, but also it should be quantitative.

What a problem, isn't it?!

Going on with this approach we managed to think a prototype based on naked-eye visible red flouresensce. Once the device detect the pollutants (read "The Sensor" below), it generates a colour gradient that can be compared with a range of already known tests ("The Reporter").


The Sensor

The device has to main parts: One of them senses the pollutant and sends a signal, and the other one receive this signal and create a response based on it.

By using the term "Sensing" we are talking about the bacteria measuring the pollutant and sending a signal based on its density. To stop this signal, we use the wellknown method incoherent feed forward. Otherwise, we couldn't make a quantification of the pollutans, because it'd continue producing signal for ever.

The Reporter

The reporter is our second main part. It's a receptor of the signal and based on that it starts producing colour. After a time, the colour could be seen naked-eye without help of any instrument. Depending of the density of the pollutant the colour will be more or less intense.