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FREDsense Technologies

We are building better biosensors.

FREDsense has developed a novel system for quantitative, real-time detection of various toxins in any sample. We use a biosensor with an electrochemical output to create a system that is portable, fast, and unlike anything else in the market

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Toxic Chemicals Are Bad.

Detecting toxic compounds in our environment is an ongoing struggle that we face, whether the underlying issue is a public health or an environmental protection concern. The biosensing market worldwide is already an $8.9 billion market and is expected to grow to $18.9 billion by 2018. Alberta, Canada is faced with a specific challenge; development of petroleum related industries, specifically the oil sands, has led to large volumes of contaminated water that must be remediated before release into the natural ecosystem. However, current methods of testing are either too slow, labour intensive or do not accurately report the relative toxicity. Thus, the 2013 iGEM Calgary Entrepreneurial team is building a better biosensor based system to report on the general toxicity present.

Who Are We?

We are FREDsense, an early venture start-up company focused on designing and implementing novel biosensor systems for oil sands applications. Our goal is to commercialize a product that was initially started as an iGEM project in 2012.

What Do We Have?

Our toxin biosensor system is designed to be rapid, on-site, and require little to no sample prep, providing a distinct advantage against competing technologies presently available to oil sands service companies.

Are We Needed?

With growing regulatory bodies increasing the financial contribution to analytical based monitoring instrumentation, there is an emerging market surrounding specific toxin sensing for oil sands applications.