Cornell University Genetically Engineered Machines

Panel Discussions

Prefreshman Summer Program

Each year, Cornell invites a small number of incoming freshmen from underprivileged high schools to come to campus early and begin adjusting to the challenges of university by taking summer courses and participating in an enrichment program. Known as the Pre-Freshman Summer Program (PSP), this program also seeks to expose students to all the various opportunities that Cornell has to offer. Scientific research is no exception; we conducted a lab tour to introduce students to the field of synthetic biology, and research in general. This was followed by a panel discussions to help the students explore their research interests by speaking with current student researchers.

ENGRG 1050

We have begun a series of presentations to students in introductory engineering seminars (ENGRG 1050) to introduce them to synthetic biology and how projects like ours can encompass all fields of engineering while providing comprehensive solutions to real-world problems.