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<font size = "4"> Sensing </font> <BR>
<font size = "4"> Sensing-Effector </font> <BR>
''PCR of the effector Backbones'' <BR>
''PCR of the effector Backbones'' <BR>

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PCR of the effector Backbones
-Again we tried to amplifiy the backbones of the constructs containing the AraC promoter and the MMP2 and MMP9 genes respecively without success.

PCR of GelE gene
-Today we recieved the genomic DNA of S.Fecalis which contained the gene for our third gelatinase GelE. We tried to isolate it from the genome by PCR but it did not work.

Restriction Digest of the Backbone
-In order to verify if the Backbone plasmid we used was ok we did a restriction digest of it. This digest clearly indicated that the plasmid was the one we wanted.


Making Nanoparticles, 2nd try
-Finished the ELISA-like assay and measured the absorbance with a plate reader.