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Taxi.Coli: Smart Drug Delivery iGEM EPFL


Cell Surface Display

CLoning INP_EYFP_Streptavidin (IYS) and INP_Streptavidin_EYFP (ISY)

Repeating the microscopy
- Samples 1 for IYS and 3 for ISY were chosed and prepared as the day before based on our protocols
- Different aliquots of these samples were incubated separatly with a FITC conjugated anti-streptavidin antibody; a Phicoerythrin conjugated anti-YFP antibody; biotynilated nanoparticles and at the end with biotin conjugated anti-YFP antibody (revealed with avidin dylight (red)).
- Some images of this microscopy are on our wiki page. It shows that the construct is expressed and that YFP is likely to be on the outer membrane.


- Repeat microfluidics experiment for nanoparticles digestion with MMP2

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