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Taxi.Coli: Smart Drug Delivery iGEM EPFL


Cell Surface Display
Research for the confocal microscopy.
Research of protocols for boitin fluorescent staining next for other functionnal assays.


Purification of PCR products of the three sensing constructs
-I purified the PCR products from the previous Day and the concentrations were within an acceptable range. Since I had not yet amplified the constitutive promoter from iGEM I put the purified Backbone for this promoter into the refridgarator for late use.

DpnI digest of the two pH sensitive promoters and their backbones
-I did a DpnI digest and measured the concentrations again, they were all around 50ng/ul which is good.

Gibson assembly of the two constructs with the hya and the cad promoter (pH-sensors)
-I did a Gibson assembly of both sensing construcst but it did not work for the one with the hya promoter, so I did another Restriction digest of the purified PCR products for this promoter.

PCR of the MMP2 insert and its Backbone and the MMP9 Backbone
-We did a PCR of the backbones for both MMP2 and MMP9 as well as of the insertMMP2. The Gel showed that it worked.