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Taxi.Coli: Smart Drug Delivery iGEM EPFL


Cell Surface Display

Streptavidin iGEM Cloning
Gradient PCR of Streptavidin iGEM miniprep with the following conditions: 68,70,72 °C ; mix without DMSO and mix with 3% and 5% DMSO.
Gel electrophoresis to visualise products.
The 72°C without DSMO showed least aspecific bands so we decided to go on with the larger amount PCR.
larger PCR of 50µl at 72°C without DMSO in the mix.
Gel Electrophoresis to verify product.


Amplifying Plasmids
Trasformed DH5 alpha cells with the Plasmids containing parts BBa_I746908 (Arabinose promoter) & BBa_J23119 (pH promoter). These two parts are going to be used later in our experiemnts.