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Taxi.Coli: Smart Drug Delivery iGEM EPFL



Gibson Assembly of the hya-construct (sensing), the MMP2+GFP construct and the MMP9+GFP construct (effector)
-I did a Gibson assembly of the constructs with the hya promoter+GFP and the MMP2 and MMP9 containing Plasmids.

Transformation of cells with the hya promoter, the MMP2 and the MMP9 plasmids
-As the Gibson Assemblies seemed to work I transformed cells with it.

PCR of the constitutive promoter and the GelE gene
-I did the PCR of both the constitutive promoter from iGEM and the gelatinase Backbone for GelE. The Backbone for the promoter had been already amplified during the previous days, so was the GelE insert.

colony PCR of the cad transformants
-In order to check if the Bacteria did contain the cad-GFP Plasmid, I did a colony PCR but it did not work. So I innoculated them in order ot do a Miniprep the next day which I would then use to do a controle PCR.


Confocal Microscopy
-Confocal microscopy (visualisation of the labeled NPs).