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Team Overview

Who we are


  1. Pr. Alfonso Jaramillo

    After a PHD in theoretical physics, Alfonso Jaramillo switched to synthetic biology ten years ago. He is the director of the Synth-Bio team at the iSSB (Institute in Systems and Synthetic Biology) and works on the design, synthesis and characterization of artificial circuits. Beside the teaching at the mSSB (Master in Systems and Synthetic Biology), he will be the main supervisor of the team iGEM Evry-Genopole like he did for Valencia in 2006 and Evry in 2012.

  2. Dr. Andrew Tolonen

    After a PHD in cyanobacteria genomics at the MIT, Andrew did his post-doc at Harvard in the team of Georges Church, famous for its research in synthetic biology. Currently researcher at the Genoscope in Evry, the aim of his work is to engineer Clostridium phytofermentans to produce polysaccharide hydrolases in order to digest plant waste and produce biofuels. He not only supervised the Harvard iGEM team during his post-doc, but also the Evry team in 2012.

  3. Dr. Nicolas Pollet

    After a PHD in Physiology and Development at the INSERM, Nicolas did his post-doc in the German Cancer Research Centre in Heidelberg. Nowadays, he is a CNRS researcher and manages the Metamorphosys platform at the iSSB. His work is about using Xenopus as a model to explore biological systems. After supervising our team in 2012, he decided to renew the experience for this year.


  1. William Rostain
  2. Pierre Parutto
  3. Tristan Cerisy
  4. Cyrille Pauthenier


  1. Emiel van der Kouwe
  2. Guillaume Mercy
  3. Baptiste Baudu
  4. Florent Amiot
  5. Audam Chhun
  6. Gabriel Guillocheau
  7. Hippolyte Léger
  8. Léni Le Goff
  9. Louis Ujéda

What we did

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Where we're from

The iGEM team of Evry gathers students with diverse profiles. They come from:

  • mSSB, Master in Systems and Synthetic Biology
  • University of Pharmacy
  • Sup'Biotech
  • AgroParisTech
  • Licence in Biology at UEVE, University of Evry Val-d'Essonne
  • Licence in Bio-informatic at UEVE