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This is a template page. READ THESE INSTRUCTIONS.
You are provided with this team page template with which to start the iGEM season. You may choose to personalize it to fit your team but keep the same "look." Or you may choose to take your team wiki to a different level and design your own wiki. You can find some examples HERE.
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Dear Teams,

Safety is very important in iGEM. We have updated the safety requirements for this year. This text needs to be reworded. To learn more about safety, visit the Safety Hub.

Click here to go to the Safety Hub! Teams, please keep this image somewhere on your page, but you can resize it however you like. FIX THIS IMAGE TO BE SMALLER AND ACTUALLY LINK TO SAFETY HUB

Customize this page!

Use this page to tell us about all the awesome things you're doing for safety in your team! Tell us about why you chose your chassis organism, how you're addressing any risks that your lab materials might pose, and your thoughts on the future implications of your project. Reword this text too.

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