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Team: iGEM Frankfurt -


The whole pathway to steviol has been split into to parts - the first leading to geranylgeranyl-diphosphate as a precursor and the second one leading from there on to steviol. While last year's efforts resulted in the creation of a plasmid consisting of the first parth of the pathway, we tried to manage it this year to build up Kaurenoic Acid Hydroxylase (KAH) which is crucial for the second part since this gene is intended to be used with thr ent-Kaurene oxidase and ent-kaurene synthase. Together they are responsible for the pathway from geranylgeranyl pyrophosphate to steviol.

In spite of not being able to provide a functional plasmid in time (id est before the registry closed), we leave the BioBrick part in the parts registry with the suitable sequence until we have checked our results again and then created the plasmid.

<groupparts>iGEM013 Frankfurt</groupparts>

iGEM-Team Frankfurt 2013