The beast and its Achilles heel:

 A novel target to fight multi-resistant pathogenic bacteria

Antibiotic Resistances: Are You Aware?

As biology students and as possible future biologists, we always keep in our mind, that good scientists work in and beyond the lab. As our project went on, we felt an urgent need to know more about current situation in hospitals and pharmaceutical industry as well as people's minds towards antibiotics, antibiotic resistance and other heated topics related to our work.

We conducted two interviews, with Dr. Groß from the department for clinical microbiology of the university hospital in Göttingen and with Dr. Perl, Senior Resident of the intensive medical care unit of the university hospital in Göttingen. With Dr.Groß, we discussed the current situation about antibiotic development, and with Dr.Perl, we discussed the current situation in hospital about infection caused by multi-resistant bacteria.We also conducted the street interview, we asked some random people about their opinions . Watch all interview videos in section “Interviews”.

We also wanted to know more about opinions from different sides. Therefore we invited people from different sides and with different opinions for a panel discussion. We presented our projected and had a quite heated discussion. See a summary of our panel discussion in the section “Overview”.

Last but not least we combined our panel discussion with a survey to reveal opinions and knowledge about gene technology, antibiotic resistances and multi-resistant bacteria. See the results of our survey in the section “survey”. You’re also invited to perform our questionnaire by yourself and thereby contribute to our statistics.

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