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The beast and its Achilles heel:

 A novel target to fight multi-resistant pathogenic bacteria


This year we started early. At the beginning of January 2013, 12 of us gathered together and formed our Organization Team. With all these brain storming and background research. We decided to look into the topic "Antibiotic Resistance", which is less known to the public, but actually very urgent problem. We designed our team logo and finished the booklet for fund-raising (more documents please visit our Outreach page). Finally, we determined the title of our project, "The beast and its Achilles heel: a novel target to fight multi-resistant pathogenic bacteria".

Shortly before May, our lab work started and we have had six more students on the team. We divided our team into 3 subteams, each team has carried out one dimension of our project. After four full month of hard work, we finally wrapped up, and proudly present you all the results on this team wiki.

Click the icons on the right side to check out our timeline or our standard protocol.