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Restriction of parts 1 – 4 to cut out promoters for ligation with operator plasmid and restriction of part 8 for inserting GFP-Terminator cassette

Reactions according to manual of Distribution kit:

-          Parts 1 – 3: restriction of 1 µg plasmid DNA with SpeI and EcoRI-HF; 100 µl in total (DNA, enzyme amounts and buffer amount doubled compared to common 50 µl reaction; but distributed to 2 epis with 50 µl each à more complete reaction)

-          Part 4: restriction of ca. 250 ng plasmid DNA (8.7 µl from 29.5 ng/µl solution) with SpeI and EcoRI-HF

-          Part 8: restriction of 500 ng plasmid DNA with SpeI and PstI

-          For parts 1,2, and 3: MasterMix consisting of both enzymes and buffer and sufficient for 4 reactions was used


è 20 min at 37 °C digestion

è 20 min at 80 °C heat-kill


-          1xTAE-1%agarose gel

-          Load 3 µl of each digest (ca. 30 ng) and 1 µl of plasmid as a control, supplied with 5xDLD

-          3 µl of log ladder as marker

-          Run at 100 V

-          EtBr staining + destaining



è Still, R.D. is partial à next time: try 30 min incubation

è One can conclude linearization of all plasmids, but promoter fragments are not visible…. Try higher concentrated gel and load higher amounts of DNA

è Reactions stored at – 20 °C


Transformation from 27.6.13

-          Colonies grew on all plates except for negative controls and those of pSB1C3 transformation

-          Colonies on without-insert-control of linearized pSB1C3 look slightly pink à remaining template from PCR transformed = pSB1C3 plasmid?

-          Colonies on without-insert-control of linearized part 7 vector might result from not digested plasmid (partial digestion, as usual….)

-          Just 1 clone for Riboswitch biobrick C…

-          Inoculation of 5 clones for each (except for Ribo C) transformation; for without-insert-controls, 3 clones each were inoculated; 4 ml LB+Cm (35 µg/ml)

-          Incubation ON


New plasmid preparation for parts 1 – 4

-          Inoculation of parts 1, 3, 4 C1 and part 2 C2 in 4 ml LB+Amp

-          Incubation ON

Re-streak clones for parts 6 and 7 on 35 µg/ml Cm plates + incubation on

Purification of part 8 (RD) products from today

PCR clean-up with Qiagen kit


Elution with 50 µl HPLC water (pre-warmed)



Concentration (ng/µl)



part 8 purification







Either just low amounts of DNA in the sample or the purification was not very efficient. Eluded a second time

with 20µl, no DNA found.