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Collaboration Log

  • iGEM Netherlands
  • Purdue
  • Norwich
  • Delft
  • Chicago
  • Trento
  • Gottingen
  • KU Leuven
  • Munich
  • Göttingen

iGEM Netherlands

The iGEM teams within the Netherlands have put their heads together to benefit from each other’s work under the banner of “iGEM Netherlands”. The goals of the organization include creating an environment in which supervisors and previous iGEMers share their knowledge and experiences with the new Dutch iGEM teams, as well as establishing a channel for discussion of ideas and exchange of knowledge and bricks. This initiative aims to improve the research quality and collaboration between Dutch universities participating on the iGEM competition, teaching the iGEM ideals to the new iGEMers and providing feedback on the human practices and safety measures. In this manner, the teams will be better prepared to tackle the obstacles they might encounter during the iGEM competition.

In order to implement the objectives of this initiative, a series of start-up courses were organized by iGEM Netherlands in a sequential order, presenting topics that ranged from a general introduction to iGEM and its role in promoting synthetic biology, advanced cloning techniques and modeling. Furthermore, a project presentation afternoon was organized in order for teams to present their projects to the other teams and get feedback from them. This event was finalized with a delicious BBQ.

iGEM Netherlands is the first of its kind, where a collaborative effort has been established on a national scale within the context of iGEM. This has been very beneficial in boosting our projects towards success with the knowledge that we have gained during the start-up courses and activities that have been organized. This type of collaboration would be beneficial to other iGEM teams as well, should they choose to do so.


Helped with the forming of a standard template for the parts registry. Filledd out the evaluation forms, had a skype meeting and gave them feedback and some input


Have sent them the requested soil samples


Have sent them the backbone the iGEM team from 2012 used


Have sent them something from the 2008 iGEM team


Helped the with the transformation protocol for B. subtilis


Two team members form Göttingen came to Groningen to work on the DNA microarray for the transcript analysis of their mutant strains. They arrived here on the 30th of July and then started doing experiment on the second day. We have a supervisor Mirjam, a PhD from Oscar's group. And one of our team member also helped them during the experiment. They would like to know how expression changed in the mutant strains in comparison with the wild type. The first two microarray for the two mutants were finished scanning on Friday. Then they repeated the experiment again including the dye-swap comparison. The whole experiment was finished no Sunday. During this period, they enjoyed the Dutch food, the Dutch beer and the Dutch weather as well! We shared our ideas about projects with each other and they introduced their experience about advertising their team to sponsors with a handy booklet. As a gift, they offered us a sample of the booklet. We believed that would be a help for us and hope them to get information they need from microarray experiment.


We have sent the the stickers created by the 2012 iGEM team


Have sent them some guidelines and a manual to work with our codon optimization code