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This year,two key words of our human practices are foundation and communication.Which will become a driving force for our team.

Firstly,we establish an official school club called ‘iGEM Club’,a solid backing of our team.Then we carried out our new term lectures and other team activities depending on the club.What’s more,we are excited to invite Defeng Xing to be our advisor.

Also in communication,we had a lot of fun with our friend from Northeast Agricultural University.We gave them a lecture about iGEM.We also have lots of meeting with them to helping them to do some preparation for their team which will join the game next year.

What’s more,some of our teamer travel around many place such as Peking University and Thailand.They have much talk with students there about iGEM.At the same time we have made some little postcard for our friends.

With the human practices,we have made our team life more colorful.


iGEM Club was founded in March 15,2012,Which is the stronghold of iGEMer in HIT.The club is mainly responsible for the administrative work of our teams. Including assembling teams,arranging regular meetings,motivating members,monitoring the progress of projects and outreach work.

Our aim is to systematize the team management and improve the efficiency of team activities.Future more,iGEM Club is going to expand influence in HIT,undertake more lectures and activities.So that more people will deepen understanding of iGEM and synthetic biology.Finally,we wish that depending on our efforts,we can do better job of our project.


At the beginning of the semester,we took on new members by organizing two lectures given by Ph.D Xu and some of members from the last team.In the lectures,they introduced some interesting things about iGEM, the significance and processes of the game to students form two school districts in HIT.The lectures attracted more than 50 students.We eventually selected 5 students (to be determined)to join us as new members.

A talk with Ph.D Xing

By chance,we knew that someone else in HIT was interested in iGEM and synthetic biology who is called Ph.D Xing.So that we contact with Mr. Xing at once.Then he pleased to invite us to have a nice talk.From this talk we exchanged our views in the field of synthetic biology.And imaging to take synthetic biology a good use in environmental engineering and biohydrogen.

Our new friends:Northeast Agricultural University

In our recruiting lecture, We meet 4 friends from another iGEM Club of Northeast Agricultural University.They have longed to participate in iGEM competition for a long time.But unfortunately they didn’t get enough relevant experience about iGEM.So that depending on the iGEM spirit of sharing and advance,we decided to help them to acquire more experience for the competition of next year.

As we doing our project,we invited the students from NEAU(Northeast Agricultural University) to join in our weekly meeting.We exchanged our idears and views,hence we can achieve more information.Cooperation with NEAU allows us to obtain a win-win situation .

On the other hand,we have specially conducted training courses for students from iGEM Club at NEAU and our freshmen.Through this event,all of us have gained great improved.

Travel around

In this summer vacation,three groups of students were sent to Fudan University,Peking University and Thailand as visitors.Here are some Here are some of their gains.

The postcard!

We have designed many lovely postcards about iGEM and Escherichia coli to teams members all over the world.You can download these cards from our E-album.We also going to share this cards in jamboree,Hong Kong.Long live our friendship!