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Ameliorating the culture in MFC field to improve power generation efficiency. -Lecheng RUAN

Killing cancer cells by modification of proteins. -Kunming ZHAO

Improving basic engineering bacteria by inserting standard suicide gene. -Yifan WU

On 24/3


Proportionally increasing the cell signal products or amplifying them by using logic gate. -Xiangmiao ZENG

Increasing enzymes efficiency by creating geometric biofilm accelerator. -Yujing OUYANG

Killing cancer calls by CRISPR gene. -Ying ZHANG

On 31/3


Improving the efficiency of bacterial hydrogen production by shifting their hydrogen cell pathway into E.coli. -Yujing OUYANG

controlling and guiding cancer cells by magnetotactic bacteria. -Xingchen ZHAI

Biological water by controlling desertification. -Hongfei ZHANG

On 6/4


Shining phage outputs high-precision images. -Fangping XIE

Amino acid expression bioinformatics . -Ye HUA

Making biological compass by MTB. -Jiaowa YUNA

On 13/4