how do we organize sub-group-meetings?

one group 100 % or two groups (1st group 70% and 2nd group 30%)
groups how many persons do we need? main person who works here?
IGEM42-software 1 Julia Julia, Philipp, Ilia, Anja, Nikos, Konrad, Hanna
NRPS-library-software 3 Ilia Ilia, Nils, Joshua, Nikos, Konrad, Julia
Indigoidine/Tyrocidine 4 Ralf Ralf, Ilia, Joshua, Flo, Nikos, Konrad, Sophie
Delftibactin 2 Hanna Flo, Sophie, Anja, Nils, Philipp, Hanna
Human Practice 1 Philipp Philipp, Fanny, Hanna
Wiki 1 Ralf & Flo Ralf, Flo


    1. how can you synthetisize your wanted protein?
    2. which modules do you have to shuffle for this protein?
    3. evaluate the modules? which modules are better than the others? => pathway should be with modules of ONE organism.
=> prepare for wednesday a presentation of concept (Nils & Ilia)= Topic 1 (name) =
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Agenda for next meeting (17.06.2013)

  • subgroup presentations
  • NRPS-library - present a concept
  • hotel and flights to Boston