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General organisation stuff

  • Fridge should be defrosted -> does not close to well right now
  • Keep an eye on backup bottles of agarose, buffers, etc. and discard gel remains....
  • Handle ethidiumbromide with care and do use new gloves for touching other stuff as buffers for instance; close gel chambers; better communication and more chambers needed
  • Sign in to the cycler calendars
  • Mini prep: more efficient with 2 min lysis
  • Write on autolcavation stuff: who, content, date
  • Store autoclaved PCR tubes in the cupboard over the sink
    • General duties lab service: tips, autoclavation waste, generel order, plates of all resistances stored, consumables -> Hanna will prepare a short to do list
  • Keep door to preparation room shut (noise)
  • Friday at 10 am weekly team meeting for general issues (advisor meeting on tuesday and thursday 8.30 am)
  • Further team building events (e.g. barbecues) should be planned
  • Karl-Steinbruch scholarship won't be pursued further; Additional discussion with Roland Eils at the next meeting
  • Dispute disagreements with other persons directly
  • Google calendars: keep lab times updated!
  • Plasmid cards: we need them of each subproject; Nomenclature: as primers only with 'p' prefix; ask others if you do not know how to prepare them
  • Do not forget the wiki documentation
  • Abstract, tracks etc. have to be submitted until beginning of august -> has to be communicated with Roland, too. Project titles, abstracts etc. can be changed until later deadline. => Hanna, Fanny and Tania will prepare some drafts.
  • Biosafety fonds -> Philipp


  • Invite Lang & Pflanz again? Ask Roland.
  • T-shirts -> polo, embroidery, color: dark blue, black or light green, light blue -> proposals will be prepared by Tania for next meeting
  • wiki design:
    • different languages: german (all), english(all), italian (Barbara), portugese(Tania), russian(Ilia), france (Philipp), spanish (Hanna), greek (Nikos), ukrain (Fanny), chinese (Philipp), japanese(Ralf), vietnamese(Fanny), hebrew (Tania), klingon(Ilia), korean (Jin)
    • chart of colour range?
    • Tania and Anja present their Wiki layout proposals -> Web-implementation by Joshua and Nils when layout graphics design terminated

Human practices

- Art, panel discussion (synthetic foods), schools (are interested, Tania will talk to the teachers) (-> as backup)