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Initial database setup

First of all we began to design a database - which we modified, edited and changed all-over again numerous times - which ought to be capable of saving the data concerning NRPS origins, pathways, modules, specificity and lots of more information on them we needed for a later prediction of domains capable of producing a certain NRP. We focused on saving the data in a non-redundantly and easy to rerieve manner. Therefore we first set up a GitHub repository which contained the SQL-file of our first database-design. For it's implementation we used phpmyadmin, which spared us writing the whole thing in SQL. Creating forms to "easily" fill our newly implemented database we started with - what later turned out to be a quite naive idea - writing php scripts which connected to our MySQL-database using nasty index-files containing root-username and passwort of different localhosts.

Draft of command-line application

We thought of a common XML format for NRPs. Additionally a first command line application was written in C++ for extracting data about an NRP from those XML files.