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Maestro E.coli

Make the best harmony

Recently, more and more projects for iGEM involve precisely regulated systems or Multistep catalysis. These biological systems need to have

  1. transparent structure
  2. reliable function
  3. reproducibility
  4. safety
Especially parts controlling gene expression such as promoters or RBSs, it is desired that their prospective functions are explainable.

This year, we will make well-selected sets of promoters and RBSs with dynamic range of strength. These parts are evaluated strictly. We mutate a region of a basic part to make these sets, so their performances are reliable.

Furthermore, we make the Optimization Kit which enables you to select the most suitable parts for your project by only one step. This Kit will help other iGEMers create more complex and effective devises.

Besides, we gave a presentation at our university and some high schools about iGEM and genetics. On that occasion we get to know how the people think about gene recombination by means of questionnaires and try to provide them with information for deeper thought. We hope these activities will lead the society where people accept genetic engineering technology.

Human Practice

Another harmony

  • Education

  • Survey