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In the field of synthetic biology, a lot of precise and accurate dynamic systems have been designed. For the construction of these systems, (1) transparency of their structures, (2) reliability of their functions, (3) reproducibility of expected results when they are used and (4) safety of them are crucial. Therefore, as for BioBricks which support these systems, especially parts controlling gene expression such as promoters or RBSs, it is desired that their prospective functions are explainable by their nucleotide sequences.

Our project this year is to make the libraries of promoters and RBS’s which are made by randomization of their certain regions. These parts are evaluated strictly and have high reproducibility. Furthermore, we will make the“Promoter Tuning Kit” and the “RBS Tuning Kit”, which enables you to easily select the most suitable parts when you design a biological system. These Kits will contribute to improve efficiency of the construction of more complex systems drastically.

In Human Practice, we are planning to give a presentation about genetics and the activity of iGEM through our Universtiy Festival and visit some high schools. We are expecting to learn how the younger students think about genetic recombination by means of reading answers to our questionnaires and trying to help their understanding of it through communication. We hope these activities will lead the society where younger people accept genetic engineering.

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