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Human Practice


HokkaidoU_JAPAN is located at Hokkaido,Sapporo, the northeast part of Japan. In Japan, there are several iGEM teams, but, in Hokkaido, there is the only one iGEM team. It is us, HokkaidoU_JAPAN! Hokkaido is a prosperous agricultural island. So citizen in Hokkaido are so sensitive to gene recombination. Because of such a background, we are feeling our responsibility to harmonize people in hokkaido with gene recombination.

To achieve this mission, we did human practice.

  1. We took a questionnaire from citizens in Hokkaido in order to research citizen’s knowledge and interest in synthetic biology and gene recombination.
  2. We presented accurate knowledge of synthetic biology to citizens of Hokkaido.
  3. We introduced iGEM to Hokkaido citizens and highschool students.