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Maestro E.coli

Optimization Kit

Demonstrations for Usecase Example

We will show some interesting demonstrations of our kits, POK and ROK!


What will happen if you optimize a Kanamycin resistance?

For a demonstration we decided to optimize the expression of Kanamycin resistance. Changing the concentration of Kanamycin in agar plate, it is estimated that different promoter will be chosen by our POK.(fig1)


If the concentration of Kanamycin was high, the colony with strong promoter will survive. Therefore, only one or two colors of colonies would appear. If the concentration of Kanamycin was low, colonies with weak promoters will be able to survive. This way many colors of colonies would appear. (fig.2).



Optimum concentration of Kanamycin: in LB is 50 mg/ml We prepared 4 different concentration plates. (fig.3)

  • Plate A: Kanamycin 125 mg per plate
  • Plate B: Kanamycin 250 mg per plate
  • Plate C: Kanamycin 500 mg per plate (optimum concentration)
  • Plate D: Kanamycin 1000 mg per plate

Gene Vector: pSB1C3

We cloned Kanamycin resistant gene from pSB1K3, by using BsaI adding primer. Used the POK kit (K1084501, K1084502, K1084503, K1084504, K1084505 ).

Culture: 37 C, for 24h