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Maestro E.coli

Optimization Kit

Maestro E.coli Future Work

To make Promoter Selector better kit

To make Promoter Selector better, we are going to put pigment producing constructs between two PstI sites. After you confirm promoter, you can remove pigment producing constructs by PstI.

fig.1 How to make our kit better.

Application of RBS Selector

We can get a lot of operons by RBS Selector. RBS Selector provides 16 operons in 2 CDS case, 64 operons in 3 CDS case. What can we do using these number of operons? We expect industrial applications of RBS Selector as future works.

For example PHB (polyhydroxybutyrate) , you can learn more about PHB at iGEM HokkaidoU_Japan 2012 wiki. PHB is one of biodegradable plastic. 3 enzymes synthesize PHB from substrate. However, you know by our wiki, CDS has each optimum RBS. It is possibility to find more efficient construct from 64 constructs by assay results. It is possible to use RBS Selector to medicine or vaccine etc. We hope applications of our project like making world happy.

fig.2 P(3HB) synthesis pathway in R. eutropha.

Select Promoter & RBS

To select proteins expressions in wider range, you can use Promoter Selector and RBS Selector at the same time! The combination number is 320 patterns!

fig.3 Making various combination patarns.

Besides, you can create promoter and terminator by yourself and assemble them with our RBS Selector and GGA VECTOR (K1084301) by Golden Gate Assembly!