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Hong_Kong_HKU iGEM 2013 would like to express thanks to the following people and organizations for their contribution to our team:

Academic Guidance

Dr Watt, Rory Munro from Oral Biosciences Department of Dental Faculty for his practical advice and his laboratory in which our research took place.

Dr Tanner, Julian Alexander from Biochemistry Department for his instructions in all directions and timely help.

Dr Chan, Danny from Biochemistry Department for his timely help.

Dr Li, Lina from Dr Tanner’s lab for helping us to perform polyphosphate assay.

Dr Chen, Wenyang from Dr Rory’s lab for instructing our practical skills in molecular cloning.

Lu Bingtai (Taylor) and Xie Shu Jie (Jill) from Dr Rory's lab for help in experiment designing and problem solving. And all other help from Dr Rory's lab and department of biochemistry.


HKU Science Outreach Team for cooperating with the lecture for the human practice.

Project Design & Wet Experiment

Shannon, Samson did most of the wet experiments, including biobrick design, part assembly and validation scheme design.
Mickey, Samuel, TingYen also had attribution to the wet experiment.
HeiMing partly designed the ppk1 biobrick.

Human Practice

The talks held were organized by Charmaine and Fall. Calvin wrote an article about our project. TinYen and Samson went to Taiwan for a joint-university mini jamboree.

Wiki Construction

Wiki was constructed by Samuel, who learned web design starting from scratch in this summer.

Graphics & Video

All the graphics you see were designed by HeiMing, and he also designed our logo. The vivid video introducing iGEM and our project was made by Fall and Charmaine.


Finance matter in our team was handled by Kenny, Samuel and Shannon.