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Team Advisor

Dr. Maelita R. Moeis
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Dr. Sony Suhandono
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Team Member

Ari Dwijayanti
She is very scary and very strict when facing the team members, but also quite gentle at the same time. She is tough, very very tough. Well, she is our leader and manager after all. 
*Note: never ever messed up with her or you'll be bullied all the time.

Indra Rudiansyah
Lab Evangelist, result analyst, and chef of the team at the same time. Yep, it's true. Beside his sharp analysis in biology experiment he also have sharp skill in cooking. Hmmm..., you'll be mouth-watered when you see his cooking.
*Note: he also love to eat especially his own cooking

Nuke Ayu Febryana
Nuke (trust me it's not the name of weapon or something, it really is her name) is our Lab Evangelist. When it comes to wetlab result just ask her, because she is the one who did the wetlab project beside Indra after all.
*Note: she is very patient and persistent, especially when the wetlab result goes wrong.

Lili Melani
Modeller, PR, and mother hen of the team. Just ask her to comfort you, and you'll be okay in no time. She is our treasurer and the fundraiser of team.
*Note: well-manerred and kindhearted

Dimas Dwi Adiguna
Our visual designer. Yep that's right. He is the most creative one. Hey, did you know that almost every team accesories(including website) and team videos are designed by him? Well, that's the fact. Beside visual designer, he is also our modeller.
*Note: truly a renaissance man, isn't he?

Riandy Rahman Nugraha
The youngest team member and perhaps the laziest. Never ask him about work progresses and the work will never be done. He is our webdesigner, webdeveloper, and web manager. 
*Note: make him cornered and he will get his best to do his work (you'll be amazed when see the result of his work, really)