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The Kent iGEM team of 2013. From left to right: Kara Stubbs, David Hanly, Laura Carman, Sarah Dowie, Michael Coghlan, Rathaven Gunaratnarajah.

Team members:


I will soon be entering the final year of my Biochemistry degree, but hope to continue in the field to a higher degree qualification. It is my ultimate aim to work within the industry of biotechnology.

Being part of iGEM is both exciting and rewarding, in being able to work within a team on our own project. Whilst discovering more about the area of synthetic biology.

As far as hobbies go, I play both the clarinet and flute and I enjoy reading in my spare time.


Hey, I'm Michael. I'm studying BSc Biomedical Science whilst being a professor in awesomeness, alongside competing in iGem. It's not easy.
I have a huge interest in synthetic biology, and support the idea of it. "Do not go where the path may lead, go instead where there is no path and leave a trail" (Ralph Waldo Emerson). Being at the forefront of synthetic biology is a unique and amazing opportunity, and being a part of such a huge community where everyone has their own ideas is really inspiring, and I'd like to wish everyone the best of luck (and commiserations for when they lose to us)! :)


Hey I’m Sarah and I’m a member of iGem team Kent. I’m currently studying Biochemistry and will soon be entering my third year of study. In my free time I enjoy reading comics, running and gaming. Working as part of the iGem team has fuelled my interest in synthetic biology and has helped me to gain much needed experience that can be an advantage for my future career in science.


My name is Rathaven Gunaratnarajah and I'm a third year biomedical scientist.

Upon completion of my biomedical science degree, I hope to do a postgraduate degree in medicine and qualify as a doctor.

In my free time I enjoy running, cycling and swimming.


Hi, I’m David, and I’ll soon be starting the final year of my biomedical science degree here at Kent. On finishing, I currently hope to either do a masters or go straight to work in industry, ideally in an as yet undecided biomedical field. In my free time, I enjoy going to the gym, watching sports, and spending time with my friends. Also, I’m loving my time working for our university’s first iGEM team. The people I’m working with are great and being part of the worldwide iGEM community really is a unique privilege. I’m amazed generally by the possibilities that synthetic biology holds for our future, and now genuinely hope that I can integrate it at some point with my future career after iGEM.

Hi I'm Kara Stubbs, I've just finished the second year of my degree (BSc Biochemistry) and I'm moving into the final year with the hope to go on to do an MSc in Bio-engineering or Biochemistry.

I originate from South-West London and now reside in Canterbury.

My hobbies include hiking, gaming (tabletop or pc) and pretending to be a computer programmer hence why I'm the biggest contributor to this wiki.


Dr Mark Shepherd

I am Dr. Mark Shepherd, an instructor for the undergraduate iGEM team from the University of Kent and a Lecturer in Microbial Biochemistry at the School of Biosciences. My research interests include E. coli respiration, disulphide protein folding, oxygen-binding proteins, and the response of bacteria to nitric oxide. Long-term interests in pigment biosynthesis and bacterial physiology/genetics also fuel my enthusiasm for synthetic biology.

Dr Wei-Feng Xue

I am Dr. Wei-Feng Xue and I am one of the instructors for the undergraduate iGem team Kent. Currently I am a Lecturer in Chemical Biology at the School of Biosciences at the University of Kent. My research interests include supramolecular protein assembly, protein folding and misfolding, amyloid and prions. Having a long-standing interest and expertise in protein chemistry and modelling, I am excited to be part of the iGem synthetic biology community at a part of Team Kent.

What we did

Laura Carman - Laboratory work, digitising of lab notes, meeting notes and meeting notes.
Michael Coghlan - Laboratory work, presentation preparation, meeting notes and organising travel to European Jamboree.
Sarah Dowie - Laboratory work, abstract, presentation preparation, meeting notes and presenting.
Rathu Guna - Laboratory work, meeting notes and Safety forms.
David Hanly - Laboratory work, meeting notes and organising travel to European Jamboree.
Kara Stubbs - Laboratory work, meeting notes, graphic design, Wiki coding and coordinating wiki content.

Where we're from

The Team Kent iGEM team hails from the University of Kent Canterbury campus. Situated on top of Tyler hill, the Stacey and Ingram buildings contain all the technical equipment needed to carry out this project.