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Design & Part

We try to express the pearl gene (nacrein) on the E.coli, and check the CaCO3-E.coli structrue. The gene related to nacrein was made by the genetic synthetic technology and go through codon optimization step which for expression of E.coli.

pAT vector is the vector which can express the protein on surface of cell. We made vectors containing 4type of nacrein. The promotor of protien expression was pBAD, so we used arabinose for expression.

Before checking the functioning of Nacrein protein which displayed on cell, purify 4type of nacrein protein and check functioning of them.

Name Type Description Length Designer
BBa_K114600 coding YfaL_Nacrein(WT)
wild type Nacrein, not including the signal sequence. Two carbonic anhydrase(CA) domains and Gly-X-Asn repeat(R)
2830 Areum Goh
BBa_K114601 coding YfaL_Nacrein CA
C-terminal deletion mutant covering one CA domain, not including the signal sequence
2188 Areum Goh
BBa_K114602 coding YfaL_Nacrein DR
The Gly-X-Asn deletion domain. Deleted Repeat(DR)
2563 Areum Goh
BBa_K114603 coding YfaL_Nacrein R
Gly-X-Asn repeat domain(R)
1807 Areum Goh