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In-Geol Choi, Ph.D


Principal investigator.

Areum Koh

Hi. My name is Areum Goh and I am an advisor of Korea_U_Seoul team. I taught information on biology and experiments to our team members. I want to share my ideas with you guys. Have a nice dream!

Dongha Kim

Hello Everyone!!! My name is Dong-Ha Kim, An advisor of Korea_U_Seoul Team. In Korea_U_Seoul Team, I advise our team members to make better Wiki and Results of Human Practice. Thank you.

Korea University

Team members

Kyengwoo Jang

Team Leader

Hello I'm kyengwoo Jang. My major is biotechnology. This is my second participation for iGEM Competition. See you at MIT.

Minhwan Yu

Hi~! My name is Min Hwan Yu. I am senior in College of Information and Communication, Korea University. Do you know what 'college of information and communication'? if you didn't know that, just know my major is 'computer science' iGEM is 'Synthetic Biology' competition, then.. why am i here? What i want to do in our team is making our wiki be perfect one!!!!! You can meet me through 'Korea U Seoul' Wiki!!! Plz visit our wiki to see how our wiki is developed and to meet me :)

Jihoon Jeong

Hi, I'm JiHoon Jeong(Daniel). I'm double majoring biotechnology and psychology. I'm doing web designing, laboratory works and will be participate in presentation team. I spend my extra time on playing the piano and reading books.

Minseob Yoo

Hi???Hi???!?!?!?!?! My name is Jade Minseob Yoo! I'm not just senior in Korea University. I'm crazy cruel biotechnology major student. I can't ignore the normal, boring things. My final goal is to be God. How? I'll make new living things on my hands!!! It will be fun isn't it? I expect to make human on my hand in not so distant future. I ususally do the experiment and fill in the Wiki page. See ya

Jaywook Han

Hello my name is Jay wook Han. Nice to meet you. I’m in the second year of Korea University and majoring in division of life science. Actually, this competition is not my first competition. I have been challenge many kind of science competition. however, I'm very excitied by this project. I want to meet many new peoples, and many personality and also I want to exchange thought about scientific ideas. have a good day

Junhong Jang

Hi. My name is Junhong Jang and I am a sophomore of Korea University and majoring in biotechnology. I want to get nice experience in this competition. This competition will give me many inspiration for me about biology. In Korea_U_Seoul Team, I worked in sponsor part, experiment part. It's a little hard but also fun. Igem was nice chance for me!

Hyeyeong Choi

Hello, my name is Hye yeong Choi. I am sophomore, majoring in life science in Korea University. This is my first time participating in the i-gem competition. I mainly have taken parts in human practice. Also, I’ll be the presenter of the team at 2013 i-gem jamboree in Hongkong. I want to be the person who strives for human welfare by studing fields of cell biology.I hope that the experiments could contribute to society a lot

Jihee Park

Hello! Nice to meet you. My name is Jihee Park. I’m in the second year of Korea University and majoring in division of life science. Concerning my personality, I’m type of person who is hardworking and do my best for my responsibility. Also, I love to meet many different person and look forward to talking with you about synthetic biology and something else. I try to do many things for Korea.U.Seoul team. I helped our experiment and participated in Human Practice, helping many children to feel interest of synthetic biology. Also, I am my team designer for wiki and the others. Finally, I’ll be one of presenters of my team at 2013 igem jamboree in Hongkong. Thanks! :)

Hyunsong kim

I'm Hyunsong Kim. Junior in Bio-technology of Korea University. Because it's my first time to participate in international contest. I'm so excited! I wish all of students good luck at iGEM contest especially our team!!! My main role in our iGEM team is scribe. I also joined Human Practice team and Experiment team.

Jonghee Chun

Hi. My name is Jonghee Chun and I am a sophomore of Korea University and majoring in information security. In Korea_U_Seoul Team, I joined in human practice part. Thank you..

Juyoung Han

Hello! My name is Ju young, Han. I'm a freshman in Korea University, department of lifescience. I'm an accountant, and I also take part in writing out reports for sponsorship. This is the first time participating in iGEM contest, so I'm very excited. I want to share knowledge about synthetic biology and learn many things from you. Thank you :)