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Combine wet and dry labs

We have built the Turing Pattern experiment system that “wet lab” methods made sure the “dry lab” results. Creating oscillation is one of the popular themes in iGEM. This time we considered of reaction-diffusion equations and constructed a simulation program which contributed to building more feasible experiment system of Turing Pattern. In addition, we also have applied simulation to RNA Oscillator and have built a construction of gene circuits by RNA and thus we succeeded in characterizing it partially.


Our project have implications for the safety and ethics and ownership and sharing. Now we would like to describe them in order.


We have considered and organized the safety, such as the chassis organisms, their risk group and derivation can be checked from this Safety page.


We have to kill transformed E. coli in order to attain the target plasmid because many BioBrick parts are derived from organisms. However, the BioBrick parts iGEM Kyoto submitted this year are all artifically synthesized. Therefore, the problems of ethics are completely solved. Certainly, treating artificial life has some ethical problems, but this is a considerable and long-term issue closely related to the development of synthetic biology. In our Human Practice project, we carried out an survey on attitude towards bioethics which is closely connected with our iGEM activities. We discussed the results with a professor, who belongs to the Graduate School of Letters, Kyoto University as well. This discussion led us to revise our attitude towards the subsequent approaches of Human Practice project.

ownership and sharing

When we want to share parts coding proteins, we have to construct, amplify and extract target plasmid and send them in a lot of cases. Frankly speaking, this is troublesome. However, BioBrick parts iGEM Kyoto submitted this year are only about a few hundred base pair, and are all synthesized. Just by sharing the information of the sequences, you can get these parts in the same conditions Therefore, we can easily share them compared to other parts coding proteins.

New approach to Human Practice

We have continued our Human Practice activity considering the result of survey held by iGEM Kyoto in 2010. In addition, we revised previous approach and dealed with new one of Human Practice activities.

Support for iGEM Biwako_Nagahama

We have helped iGEM Biwako_Nagahama team to hold study meeting and edit wiki. Please take a look at Cooperation


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