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iGEM Leicester Test Page 2012

Meet the team

Hi! We are the University of Leicester iGEM Team, a group of Biologists, Chemists and a Computer Scientist, all focused on degrading polystyrene.


Dr Richard Badge
Emily Halsey
Raymond Dalgleish
Andrew Jamieson


Quezia Toe

Brett Vahkal


Alice Haworth

Anton Corvinus

Tanvi Sinha

Parmdeep Kullar



Christopher Morton

Interested in all types of science, and finding the new area of synthetic biology greatly rewarding. Helped build the first iGEM team at the University of Leicester in 2012 as the project leader, learning so many key skills along the way. joined the 2013 team to help out as an advisor to continue my support to the Leicester iGEM team.
Duccio Conti


Anton Corvinus

My name is Anton and I'm interested in different sciences, but primarily in biology and genetics. The particular areas of biology that interest me are: regenerative medicine, gerontology and their genetic basis. I joined iGEM team because I wanted to get experience of working in the lab as researcher and see if I, as part of team can achieve reasonable results.

Alice Haworth

I am Alice Haworth , studying Medical Biochemistry. Found my way to iGEM while looking for summer lab experience. I joined a little late but I soon got in to the swing of things. I mostly enjoyed the lab work but it was good fun getting to know the team.

Brett Vahkal

I am doing a Bsc in Medical Biochemistry. I saw the iGEM as an excellent opportunity to do something exciting in the summer and I really liked the idea that students get to pursue their own novel research ideas in synthetic biology. It is a great project to be involved in and I am very happy to have been part of it.

Dupsy Solomon

My name is Oluwamodupe Ayeni and I am a 3rd year Physiology with Pharmacology student at the University of Leicester. I have always enjoyed science because it’s challenging and fun. Hence when I heard about synthetic biology, I was fascinated and at the same time eager to explore this new field of science. iGEM is a great project, it encourages innovation, creativity, flexibility , decision-making, problem-solving and team working skills. I have enjoyed every moment of it and would definitely recommend it to anyone with a passion for science.

Quezia Toe

My name is Quezia Toe I'm a third year Medical Genetics student at the University of Leicester. I have always been fascinated by how the natural world around us function and this fascination led me to my love of genetics. Synthetic biology not only allows me to understand how biological system works, but also enables me to use this knowledge to manipulate these systems for a useful purpose. Joining the iGEM team gave the opportunity to learn and use synthetic biology.

Parmdeep Kullar

I am a third year Biological Sciences student and take physiology and pharmacology and microbiology modules. iGEM has been a great way to learn about various lab techniques and new research and work as part of a team to attend events and fund-raise. I am happy to be part of this project as it builds on many skills which are required in later life and the jamboree in Lyon is a good incentive to work towards. It has been an enjoyable experience and has reflected my interest in science.

Where we're from

We're from the University of Leicester, located in the UK. The University was founded in 1921 and gained University Status by Royal Charter in 1957. It is perhaps most famous for the discovery of DNA fingerprinting by Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys FRS (one of our generous sponsors!). It is also home to the Genetics Education Network for Innovation and Exellence (GENIE), the UK's Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning in Genetics.