Team:MSOE Milwaukee/Week13


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Week 13


Many gels were run to check the validity of our results. We discovered that our gene number four ligation was not sucessful and we would have to repeat the ligation of that particular gene. We also ligated the L-arabinose promoters to the pump or GFP. This was done with the three strengths of the promoters: strong, medium, and weak.


The L-arabinose promoters (strong, medium, weak) were transformed with the GFP or the pump into E.coli for testing. These plates were then put in the incubator and should be checked tomorrow! We hope to see colonies and then check to see if the expression corresponds with the strength of the promoter.


The plates were checked, and unfortunately, no colonies were found. The plates were left in the incubator to see if more time would allow for growth.


The plates were checked again, and no growth was found. We decided that this must mean either our transformation or ligation of these parts was not successful.


The lab was cleaned and our boxes were placed in storage. The title and abstract forms were also completed.