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Week 14


Transformation efficiency of the DH5 alpha cells were checked, and the transformation was successful using the pUC19. 5 colonies were found on our plate as of about 8 pm. Our BioBrick parts in the standard plasmid (pSB1C3) were transformed into competent cells in hopes of miniprepping out the genes.


Growth of the transformed cells occurred!


The mini prep protocol was completed with all 7 of our original genes. DNA was seen, and the next step would be to do PCR with the products and run a gel to confirm our results.


The PCR of the miniprepped genes occurred today. A gel still needs to be run to confirm we have the correct products before we continue.


A gel was run to check the PCR that was run on Thursday, but we think the electrophoresis was ran too long because of notable band streaking. Also, we believe we destained the gel for too long because the bands were hardly visible. We hope to repeat this gel on Monday to verify the results. 20 agar plates were also made: 10 with chloramphenicol and 10 with kanamycin.