Team:MSOE Milwaukee/Week7


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Week 7


As a team, we created a list of protocols that need to be written and compiled and posted it on Google drive. We hope to use this to stay organized, so we are not all working on the same protocols and research. This way, we can write down who plans on doing what and their progress, so it is a fast way to keep each other updated. We also developed a plan to obtain spent grains, and we hope to learn more about the possibility of that this week.


In small groups, we developed more protocols. We completed a protocol to test the E.coli growth in the xylose as well as a protocol to use PCR to add the prefix and the suffix to our genes. We also came up with options to extract and collect the Eucalyptol after it is produced. We hope to keep building our protocol list so that when we get the parts we ordered, we can get into the lab right away and begin the lab portion of the project.


We developed a protocol for testing the amount and purity of eucalyptol in our E.coli mixture and a protocol for placing our final BioBrick parts into the standard plasmids for submission. We also completed research on testing for the xylose presence in the media and testing for the enzyme presence in the media that are secreted by the first E.coli of our system. We hope to keep working together as a group to complete the more difficult protocols.


We researched about ribosome binding sites and chose the one that fit our project the best. We learned more about RBSs and why we needed one. It's a good thing that we found this information, otherwise our project would not have been successful. We also worked more on the pretreatment of spent grains to produce the hemicellulose. There are a few different options, but we have to see which one is the most feasible for our lab.


We worked on our protocol list for a brief period together, but mostly did research on our own. We hope to have our list of procedures done by early next week!