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(A)Schematic diagram of Cas9/RNA-mediated gene targeting.

(B)Schematic representation of EGFP-A chimeric RNA (chiRNA) binding to pEGFP-N1 plasmid through spacer sequence.

    Shen B, Zhang J, Wu H, et al. Generation of gene-modified mice via Cas9/ RNA mediated gene targeting[J]. Cell research, 2013.)

Data for Our Favorite New Parts:

1.BBa_K1160000-coding sequence of Cas9(from Type II CRISPR system):

  The coding sequence of cas9 derived from Streptococcus pyogenes (UniProtKB AC Num.:Q99ZW2), guided by crRNA and tracrRNA to complete its specific DNA cleavage function

2.BBa_K1160001- chimeric RNA:

  Combining crRNA and tracrRNA, designed to target the BBa_K1160002 part. Flanked by BsaA I site, which is replaceable for the desired editing sequence.

3.BBa_K1160002- cas9 cleavage detector:

  Contains an EGFP coding sequence and a crRNA targeting sequence, used to detect the specificity of cleavage activity conducted by Cas9 (BBa_K1160000) and chimeric RNA (BBa_K1160001)

Data for Our Favorite New Parts:

1. BBa_E2020- enhanced version of ECFP, yeast-optimized

2. BBa_E2030- enhanced version of EYFP, yeast-optimized

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