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Combing the outstanding students from Nanjing University and Nanjing University of Technology, we are trying to make the CRISPR/Cas systems work in the eukaryote cell with the help of the synthetic biology methods. Furthermore, considering the spacers' sequence as the result of evolution, our team is developing a highly-probable algorithm to direct the synthesis and seeking of spacers or proto-spacers.

Ruitao Jin, I am the leader of our team. As a junior studying biophysics at Nanjing University, I have learned life sciences for two years. I undertake the task for making the team come into existence and I am the major participator in envisaging the blueprint for our experiments, revising the protocols and conducting the experiments. When I am not in the lab, I always enjoy myself by learning physics.

Cao Zhe, I’m a junior from Nanjing University majoring in Life Sciences. Like most guys in 20s, I’m a big fan of sports, movie and computer games. Also like most guys around at the similar age, I’m still perplexed about my future plan. To be rough, I’m fancy with the basic cellular signal and transduction, which related closely to the synthetic biology. In our team, my job is to coordinate the experiment, research, financing and presentation affairs. Considering the purpose when taking part in this contest, always, the essence of discovery gives us the priority. We might pursue after different directions after all of this, but the 10-month journey for the iGEM can always be inspiring and referential when starting our long or short, but always tough research career.

This is Lin Lei, a junior from Nanjing University majoring in Life Sciences. He is interested in electrochemistry and biomedical engineering research. Impressed by the mechanism of CRISPER system, he decided to join the team. Outside the lab, he is a heavy soccer fan. During the program, he found systems biology became part of his motivation to continue pursuing his Ph.D degree.;

Min Xi, 20 year-old student in Department of Laws, Nanjing University. He enjoy reading, badminton in my daily life and he’s fascinated in the world of biochemistry and synthetic biology. He play a role of major designer and coordinator of the scheme, experiment and presentation during this project.

I am Tian Li, a third year student,who comes from Nanjing University. I study life science in university. I like comic and reading. iGEM is the best competition that I have ever participated in. It made me fully aware the hardships and charm of science. And I made lots of friend during the experiment.

I’m Sitong He, a 21 years old girl from Nanjing University. I’m majoring Life Science. My interests are electrophoresis, Er Hu(a traditional Chinese instrument) and landscape ecological planning. In our IGEM team, I am in charge of conducting the experiment and controlling the outflow of funds. Moreover, I do some work for broadcasting and for our website.

I'm Xiali Luan, a sophomore student majoring in Life Sciences, studying in Nanjing University now. I like my major and I also like geographical science. Except doing scientific research, I also like doing some hand-working and sports like basketball. My job in the team is helping doing some experiments and conducting public diplomacy programs.

Yunyun He, I am a year 3 undergraduate in school of life sciences, NJU. To be honest, I had few lab experiences before this project. However, as a initial member of out team, I forced myself to swallow bunches of new knowledge, new information and new technology throughout the past few months. As the superintendent for a time, I learnt how to arrange our lab time to ensure efficiency and how to design detailed experiment to test an idea or to find out why it didn’t work. All of these experiences will be of great help in my study life later. I like basketball, and I also would like to work out in the gym. Besides, I am a super fun of cycling. I would like to enjoy my leisure time in a healthy way.

I'm Ning Meng, 20 years old, a junior student of Nanjing University, majoring Life Science. This is my first time to participate in iGEM, even my first to take part in a whole, complex experiment. I’m glad to conduct the experiment with other team members and reach some achievement at last. As I am interest in Photoshop, photography and video editing, I also take responsibility of designing website, logo and video.

My name is Jie Tang, a junior at Nanjing University studying life science. I am really interested in biochemistry and molecular biology. Besides, I love basketball, movies and computer games in my leisure time. I mainly help with experiments and collecting information. This is my first year participating in the iGEM competition.

His name is Chi Feng.He is a fourth grade student of Nanjing university of technology, majoring in biological engineering. He once said “I'll take my attempts in event-related designs of experiment, and presentation, also promotion, in the next round. I'm glad to coorperate with my teammates, in the hope of a great teamwork in IGEM ”

My name is Jialiang Ni.I'm a junior coming from Nanjing University of Technology. And I major in information and computing science.Data mining is my merit and I am quite familiar with C++ and java Language.My chief responsibility is to design and update the wiki of our team.

My name is Chengkun Li.I'm a junior coming from Nanjing University of Technology. And I major in information and computing science. Mathematical modeling is my merit and all kinds of computer programs are my favorite. I pay most of my attention to design and update the wiki of our team. Advertising our project is my main job.

Pingkai Oyang, he is the president of Nanjing University of Technology and he is an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering.

He is a professor of the Department of Biological Science, Nanjing University. Rongwu Yang graduated with bachelor in Biology at Nanjing Normal University and pursued Ph.D in Biochemistry of Nanjing University(2001-2006).

Yonghua Yang, he is a professor of the Department of Biological Science, Nanjing University. His main research interests are Plant Stress Physiology and Biotechnology in Agriculture Plant-Microbe Interaction, Diversity and Molecular Ecology and Biochemistry and Biotechnology of Natural Products.

Yilu Chen, Professor, College of Biological and Pharmaceutical Engineering, Nanjing University of Technology. Yilu Chen graduated with B.Eng in bioengineering at Nanjing University of Technology in 2004 and pursued M.Phil and Ph.D in epidemiology and biostatistics at University of Cambridge from 2004 to 2009. She worked as a lecturer in medical statistics/epidemiology at University of Nottingham from 2009 to 2010 and has been working in the field of bioengineering and biostatistics at Nanjing University of Technology since 2010. Yilu Chen is an advisor in this iGEM team.