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Trondheim iGEM 2013

Meet the team

This is the third year a team from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) is participating in the iGEM competition. Our team consists of five students with background in Biotechnology, Molecular Medicine and Medical Technology. Mostly our collective background is in molecular biology colored with biophysics, immunology and biotechnology. We have four advisors with different specialities! Rahmi is our lab-GOD and has all the answers, Eivind gives us money and inspiration, Martin is our GFP-expert and Gunvor with her past iGEM team experience has been a lot of help! We are naive students that want to come up with crazy ideas that supervisors are too experienced to consider an opportunity. Our project this year is HIGH-risk and it was almost immediately clear to us that this was what we wanted to do this year. Considering the time-limit of iGEM it was an ambitious project and had everything gone as planned and expected we could have reached our goal. We believe the project has potential and should be further investigated. We've all enjoyed working as a team and learned tons about synthetic biology and the potential this field has feels unlimited! We have had a lot of fun, the life of a scientist is like a rollercoaster of ups and downs but the excitement and curiosity of research will always be a strong motivator!

Official Team Profile

The students

Shiva Shojaei Moghaddam

Origin of replication: Ahvaz, Iran
Academic background: Bachelor in Biology in Iran and Master in Molecular Medicine at NTNU
Responsibilities: Participate in Vesicle Isolation project.
Other interests: swimming, baking, cooking and making LB media ;)
Funfact:Keep following one of my childhood habits, Yes! Painting on the wall ;)

Ingrid Fadum Kjønstad

Origin of replication: Eidsvoll, Norway
Academic background: Bachelor in Biochemestry, 5th year Master of Molecular Medicine
Responsibilities: PCR and Gibson, some designwork.
Other interests: Cooking, movies, boyfriend, cabin-trips, drawing.
Funfact: Addicted to nailpolish.

Patricia Adl

Origin of replication: Tehran, Iran
Academic background: Bachelor in Physics Engineering-Plasma in Iran and master in Medical Technology-Biophysics and Medical Physics at NTNU
Responsibilities: Participate in Vesicle Isolation Project
Other interests: Jogging, Reading, Shopping, Baking, Cooking.
Funfact: I have a collection of Kinder eggs surprise from my childhood and still I am enjoying to buy more Kinder eggs to expand my collection.

Maria Karoline Andersen

Origin of replication: Bleik, Norway
Academic background: Third year of the 5-year Biotechnology mastersprogram.
Responsibilities: Establishment of vesicle isolation protocole, primer design and making cupcakes for the team that one time.
Other interests:swimming, hiking, making food, watching cat videos on youtube and buying/collecting pretty dresses that I almost never get to wear (all positive to the arrangement of a fancy iGEM-party with a formal dress code!).
Funfact:I once ate a three course lunch with the King and Queen of Norway.

Ellen Stormo

Origin of replication: Averøy, Norway
Academic background: Fourth year of the 5-year Biotechnology mastersprogram.
Responsibilities: PCR and cloning
Other interests:jogging, hiking, reading (or listening to audiobooks), cooking
Funfact:Have played the cornet for 20 years

The advisors

Eivind Almaas

Origin of replication: Stavanger, Norway..
Area of expertise: Systems biology and network analysis.
Responsibilities: Team organization and Computer modelling.
Other interests: Hiking, reading, living.
Funfact: Big fan of 50's Rock'n Roll and Rockabilly.

Rahmi Lale

Origin of replication: Cologne, Germany
Area of expertise: Transcriptional and translational regulation of bacterial gene expression, metabolic engineering. Metagenome/biodiscovery.
Responsibilities: Herding the nerds!
Other interests: Loves playing bass, likes biking/hiking/skiing/fishing/sailing, into web/graphic design.
Funfact: He loves bugs so much that he makes his own kefir.

Martin Hohmann-Marriott

Origin of replication: Mannheim, Germany
Area of expertise: Photosynthesis, bioenergetics, molecular biology.
Responsibilities: Instructor, molecular biology and physiology.
Other interests: My family, history, all things computer and technology.
Funfact: Martin designed exercise equipment for ants as an undergraduate.

Gunvor Røkke

Origin of replication: Trondheim, Norway
Area of expertise: Chemical engineering and biochemistry. Previous team member experience.
Responsibilities: Labtraining and suporvising.
Other interests: Mainly playing the violin. I have been playing since I was five years old, and I am currently leading one of the three folk music orchestras in Trondheim. I also like to swim, or to gab with my friends.
Funfact: I'm able to whistle and hum in two part harmony with myself. And no, I'm not mutated.