Team:NTU-Taida/Human practice/Workshop




Design Thinking Workshop

When we took part in the iGEM competition,the first problem we were facing was how to select the topic that we would try our best to complete in the next few months . In order to create our target, iGEM team cooperated with NTU Design Thinking Club and held the design thinking workshop.

After a brief introduction of what design thinking is and told us the method that could promote our thought, observation as well as creativity. Members of the workshop were divided into four groups. Each group must to come up with an environmental problem and created a product which could solve the problems they discovered.


To search a proper issue to investigate in, our team members were separated into three groups to squeeze ideas about our igem project. Each group should think of a complete idea and design an attainable experiment. We arranged a formal public presentation in 2/22, and invited interested students and members from igem teams last year from NYMU. We debated with each other and answered valuable questions and advises from the visitors. Each attendant was authorized a vote to determine our final projects.