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Atrazine, a naughty demon who plays around in the soil, is considerably hard to be eliminated. Its spell causes metabolic disorders in many species.

Our elf combined a smart atrazine radar, an amazing transporter, a recruiting system and a degrading enzyme to hunt down this die-hard. With our system, E.coli can recognize atrazine, recruit team members, and eliminate atrazine.

Our team found the brand new transporter, TRM, from the genome of a bacteria which can utilize atrazine as its only carbon source. With this transporter, the sensitivity of our system and the degrading efficiency are both improved. We also mutated the degrading enzyme, TrzN, to make it better at degrading atrazine than the natural enzyme. We then combined the TRM and the mutated TrzN to achieve a more satisfying result.

To take a further step, our team has been devoting ourselves to analyzing and comparing several systems simulated by computer, and we successfully located on the best solution which is equipped with faster moving and quicker degrading.

Overall, we believe that our system has provided a brilliant solution to make this world a better place for creatures on this planet, hoping it can also become a sincere compensation for the damage resulting from this naughty demon created by ourselves.