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Mao Yafei
He is the team leader of Nanjing-China. He is in charge of arranging all team work, making sure that all team members collaborate well with each other. He also participated in all data analysis.
Lv Kun
He is one of the core members of Nanjing-China. His work mainly lies in designing experiments to test the functions of our parts, TrzN and TRM. And this responsible guy also helped leader complete all the forms.
Yang Jianchen
He is one of the core members of Nanjing-China.The main idea of this program mainly came from this intellectual guy. He is in charge of constructing our gene circuits and testing the functions of the systems.
Cao Zhipeng
He is one of the core members of Nanjing-China. He is a good experimenter whose work mainly lies in constructing our gene circuits. This funnny guy always creates miracles for our team work.
Zhang Juyan
He is one of the core members of Nanjing-China. He spent a lot of time helping others, including experiments and website design. This diligent guy contributed a lot to our team.
Pu Ruokun
He is the group leader of the modeling part of Nanjing-China. He completed the main model with help from Tsinghua-A. And he also helped us to collect the basic information of atrazine.
Gao Jian
He is the group leader of the website part of Nanjing-China.He is in charge of working out the idea about website design. And this shutterbug prepared all the photos for our team.
Wang Yuanyuan
She is one of the main members of Nanjing-China. She assists others on the experiments, and she independently completed the growth curve drawing.
Gao Jiajia
She is one of the core members of the website part of Nanjing-China. She helped us to complete the wiki and worked out the elegant video for our team.
Xiao Shuke
He is one of the main members of Nanjing-China. He always helps us to complete the basic experiments. This cute guy is good at technology using. He also did some human practices with other team members.
Li Yangyang
He is in charge of the part of human practice. And this clever guy majors in business so that he helped us to collect much information about atrazine, and calculated the value of our program in market.
Li Yezheng
He is one of the main members of the model part of Nanjing-China. He helped others model from the primary idea.
Zeng Mingzhi
He is one of the main members of the wiki design part of Nanjing-China. He worked out the perfect wiki with his brilliant expertise.
Lan WenZhi
Research: the function of iron channel; the mechanism of plant cell signaling
Wang Bin
Associated professor
Research: molecular genetics and evolution of mycorrhizae
Zheng WeiJuan
Research: the separation and purification of proteins; genetic engineering of peptide drug
Kong Lingdong
Yang Sihai
Zeng Shuiyun
Huang Lab
Here we express our gratitude to the great support from professor Kong Lingdong and professor Yang Sihai from the School of Life Sciences, Nanjing University, and technical support from technologist Zeng Shuiyun. And especially, we express our heartfelt thanks to Tsinghua-A, another 2013 iGEM team, for their help in our basic model building. Finally, we want to express great gratitude to Dr. Huang Jiandong's lab, University of Hong Kong which provided us with some important plasmids and strains.