Team:OU-Norman OK/Team


the Undergraduates

These are the crew members of the Oklahoma iGEM team. They have traveled from far off around the University of Oklahoma campus to join an adventurous team that will pass into history as the expedition team who did not give up or stop in the face of adversity. Only cake served as a distraction and what a wonderful distraction it was. The crew members have faced many difficult situations and have triumphed over mildly threatening bacteria that would have sent many a grown man wailing.

the Graduate Students

These are the brave officers-in-training who joined the crew of the Oklahoma iGEM team on its expedition into the moderately well-known field of anaerobic bacteria.

the Advisors

These are the patient officers who tolerated the crew members throughout the long adventure towards greatness. They have trained this ragtag collection of crew in the curiosities and processes of microbiology. They have taught a league of innocents the dangers of the field. They have taught them to pipette so the crew might pipette for themselves. Oh the wonders of the officers.