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Our Achievements

Using the iGEM 2013 Judging Form as a guide, we summarize our achievements below.

・Requirement for a Bronze medal:

1, Register the team, have a great summer, and plan to have fun at the Jamboree.
→We had a great summer, and are looking forward to having fun at the Jamboree!!

2, Successfully complete and submit the iGEM 2013 Judging form.

3, Create and share a Description of the team's project using the iGEM wiki and the team's parts using the Registry of Standard Biological Parts.

4, Plan to present a Poster and Talk at the iGEM Jamboree.
→Design of the poster is underway; the members are already practicing their presentations.

5, Document at least one new standard BioBrick Part or Device used in your project/central to your project and submit this part to the iGEM Registry (submissions must adhere to the iGEM Registry guidelines). A new application of, and outstanding documentation (quantitative data showing the Part's/ Device's function), of a previously existing BioBrick part in the 'Experience' page of that part's Registry entry also counts.

5-1, Description of function
5-2, Quantitative data showing the Part or Device function
5-3, Acknowedgment of sources and references

→We have submitted 8 parts (BBa_K1040005~K1040013) to the Registry, shown its references, and see quantitative data showing its function ( BBa_K1040005 )

・Additional Requirements for a Silver Medal:

1, Experimentally validate that at least one new BioBrick Part or Device of your own design and construction works as expected.
1-1, Description of function
1-2, Quantitative data showing the Part or Device function
1-3, Acknowedgment of sources and references

→We demonstrated that E.coli, ilvE gene improves E.coli’s(-ilvE strain) growth in M63 medium. See documentation at Registry or the Project-Result page.

Additional Requirements for a Gold Medal: (one OR more)

→We produced “E.col-interior” as our human practice. To have ordinary people feel familiar with synthetic biology, it is important to tell them what is E.coli and how fantastic they are, because E.coli has been playing important role in many aspect of synthetic biology. Therefore, our project contribute to make E.coli and synthetic biology familiar to general public!