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Human practice thorough literature review and interviews with specialists (doctors, NGO, French and International officials) carried all the team to reflect upon global questions spanning from TB facts (past, present and future) to realizing the complexity of gender bias within infected TB population.

This brought us to self-reflect on our own group and surrounding community that lead to the gender study in the synthetic biology and iGEM community brought to you here. We also addressed technology transfer through the TB R&D approach presented here.

TB Facts

Infographics about TB data and facts that will show you what you need to know at a glance.

TB in France

An analysis of the social, medical and political aspects of the management of tuberculosis in France.

TB Gallery

A gallery of famous historic figures who had tuberculosis, from Antiquity to the 20th century.

Gender Study

A comprehensive and quantitative study of gender (in)equality in iGEM and synthetic biology. When looking at TB epidemiological facts, women and men are not affected equally. The origins of this difference are both genetic and cultural. This brought us to self-reflect on our own community. We used a quantitative approach: a database was gathered to depict sex ratio in teams' students and supervisors in all iGEM teams as well as other available information. This was statistically analysed to investigate gender in(equality) in iGEM, as well as SB conferences and synthetic biology lab.

Technology Transfer

Tackling the question of technology transfer in TB R&D field. Tuberculosis is most widespread in so-called “developing” countries. For this reason, it was impossible for us to work on this disease without taking into account the fact that we were designing in France a technology that was aimed precisely at those countries, rather than at “developed” ones: a typical case of technology transfer.

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