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Drug Screening

Thursday 18th July

Heat shock Transformation

Transformations made:
  • sD001+pD004+pD005 E.coli:ΔcysI, Δfpr, ΔydbK:: soFD, zmSIR ;Chloramphenicol ,zmFNR; Spectinomycin- with all three genes
  • sD001+pD004 E.coli:ΔcysI, Δfpr, ΔydbK:: ,zmFNR; Spectinomycin
  • sD001+pD004+pD006 E.coli: ΔcysI, Δfpr, ΔydbK::zmFNR; Spectinomycin, zmSIR; Chloramphenicol
Transformations were made with protocol 1 with the following specifications:
BL21 (DE3) chemically competent cells were thawed on Ice.
2ul of plasmid DNA was added to 20ul of BL21 (DE3) cells. Cells were incubated on ice for 30 minutes.
Cells were transfered to heating block at 42C for 45s. Cells were returned to ice for 2 minutes.
200ul of LB Broth was added to the cells and they were incubated at 37C for 1h.
After incubations cells of each transformation were plated on two plates: one with 5 ul , and the other with 100 ul of the post recovery cells culture.