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Thursday 22nd August

Nano drop

Plasmid mini-prep of transformations
Nano dropped
  1. pETDuet: 59.1ng/ul
  2. pETDuet: 45.9ng/ul
  3. pJET Fdx: 54.2ng/ul
  4. pLS FRP: 19.7ng/ul

Digest pLS FrpA with NdeI and AvrII
Digest pETDuet with NdeI and AvrII
Digest FdxA gBlock with NcoI and HindIII
Digest pETDuet with NcoI and HindIII
Ligation of FprA with pETDuet
Ligation of FdxA with pETDuet
Transformation of pET FprA and pET FdxA into NEBTurbo
PCR of
  • FdxA gBlock with FdxA F/R
  • pLS FprA with FprA F/R
  • pET duet with MCSI F/R
  • pACYC duet with MCSI F/R