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Phage Sensor

Friday 16th August

Liquid M13 Test, Glycerol Stock, Miniprep

Liquid M13 Test

OD (sSP020=XL10 KanR with F+)=0,557
OD (sSP016=XL10 KanR)=0,515
OD (sSP009= delta pyrF with F+)=0,561

Prepare Falcons containing 500ul of each strain, adding 500ul of 10^-6 dilution of FR-433
add 1ul of IPTG and 1ul of Xgal
Incubate at 37° on shaker

Glycerol Stock sSP019 (pir+ E.coli transformed with pKD13)
sSP020 (XL10 KanR with F+)


1) Pellet 2x 2ml of liquid culture (4000rpm, 10 min)
2) Discard supernatant
3) resuspend the cells in 250ul of resuspension olution
4) add 250ul of lysis solution, mix by inverting 4-6 times
5) add 350ul of neutralization solution
4) centrifuge for 5 min
5) transfer supernatant to spin column
6) centrifuge for 1 min
7) discard flow through
8) add 500 ul wash solution and centrifuge for 1 min , discard flow through(repeat this step)
9) centrifuge for 1 min to remove left over liquid
10) transfer the column on a 1.5ml tube
11) add 50ul of elution buffer and incubate for 2 min
12) centrifuge for 2 min
13) Nanodrop the concentration and freeze at -20°

pKD13: 311ng/ul
Litmus 28i: 93ng/ul