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This guy is very lazy.

The Peking iGEM 2013 team is a group of biochemists, biologists and bioengineers. On this page, you can find out the information about everyone who has contributed to the project. We would like to thank all our advisors and instructors who have assisted us throughout the project. Without them, the project would not have been so successful. We would also like to thank all the others who provided valuable advice and essential materials such as plasmids and strains for the project. These contributions are enormously helpful to us. For a full list of acknowledgments, please scroll to the bottom of this page.

Team Members

Zheng Pu

ZHENG Pu is a sophomore majoring in life sciences with special interest in mathematics. He is the leader of Peking iGEM 2013 team. Various issues are involved in his schedule. Although he has no assignment everyday, he shows up every minute! He is also involved in design of our bandpass filter and application equipment. After lab hours, wait, does he has hours for rest?

Shi Hailing

SHI Hailing is in her fourth year in the College of Chemistry and Molecular Engineering at Peking University. She is in charge of the characterization of aromatic sensors along with XUE Haoran via Microplate Reader and Flow cytometer. Besides the tests of all kinds of sensors of the project, she also takes up the construction of the part NahF as the "Adaptor" of the sensor NahR. At the same time, she helps maintain the operation of the laboratory.Besides synthetic biology, she is interested in biophysical chemistry, especially drug design and protein engineering. She does enjoy the Peking iGEM 2013 project this summer.

Liang Jing

LIANG Jing, AKA Crystal, is a junior from PKU School of Basic Medical Sciences, in charge of human practice and works in wet lab. She was also an gymnast and an amateur musical actress. As the boundaries among different disciplines of science are blurring now, basic medical sciences are becoming a vital approach in understanding human health science, and synthetic biology is a fascinating way to combine our knowledge and put it into use. One can look forward to these disciplines to make our life much better. Being on PKU iGEM team is awesome, probably the best experience in her college life.

Xue Haoran

XUE Haoran is a sophomore in Peking University majoring in Biological Science. He is responsible for the induction and the characterization of biosensors. He induces bacteria with many kinds of aromatic compounds and then tests the fluorescence intensity of induced bacteria carrying GFP, using Micropalte Reader and flow cytometer. He does these experiments with Shi Hailing, another tester in this team. He also handles some daily affairs.

Liu Shiyu

LIU Shiyu is a sophomore in the School of Life Science, Peking University. He focuses on the work related with molecular cloning operation, such as construction of sensor system and band-pass filters. He is interested in the way life operates, including its metabolism, reproduction and regulation. He has a deep comprehension of the life machine and tries to realize many mischievous ideas, though most of them have nothing to do with the project. He cherishes more about the process of the experiment than the result. The challenge of trying a new method often motivates him. He is also interested in literature and music.

Hou Yuhang

HOU Yuhang is a junior from Peking University majoring in Physics. Yuhang mainly works on project Modeling.
He is interested in Nonequilibrium Statistical Mechanics, Stochastic Process, System Biology, Synthetic Biology and Batman.

Zhang Yihao

ZHANG Yihao comes from the School of Life Science. Early on in the project he undertook the task of preparing various basic plasmid backbones as a fundamental work, while later in the project he established two sensor systems, NahR and CapR. In addition to his lab work, Yihao acted as the team designer. He is enthusiastic in project beautification. He is appreciated by his fellows because of his talent for Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere. He offered selfless help during the nights, when he was designing the wiki page, posters, T-shirts, badges and bookmarks, as well as enhancing photos and editing the videos for human practice.For the night is dark and full of terrors!

Helena Viets

Helena Viets is a sophomore hailing from the University of California Berkeley, majoring in Molecular Environmental Biology (with a minor in Chinese). She had a wonderful time this summer as a member of the PKU iGEM team and learned a lot, like how to say things like “all thirty-three of my colony PCRs failed” in Chinese. Her function in the project was, among other things, to build a ribosome library for the sensors. Outside of the lab, Helena enjoys dragonboating, Olympic weightlifting, eating ice cream and napping.

He Shuaixin

HE Shuaixin is a sophomore at Peking University majoring in Life Science. She is interested in observing and thinking about biological phenomena at microcosmic level. She is a lab manager of 2013 Peking iGEM team, taking charge of the wet lab, focusing on molecular cloning of sensors. Her work is mainly the construction and tuning of XylS and achieving the “plug-in” concept through XylB and XylC. She has devoted much of her time and energy to the project experiments. She has really enjoyed a pleasant time with E.coli as well as her fellow teammates.

Wang Huan

Wang Huan is a sophomore at Peking University in Beijing with special interests in synthetic biology and botany. During the past year, she has been participating in Peking iGEM experiments and managing our team’s finance. She has also raised mints, lobelia and calliopsis, which are currently blossoming. Besides, she loves playing volleyball and enjoying cooperating with teammates. She's willing to make friends and exchange ideas with iGEMers all over the world.

Cui Can

CUI Can is a sophomore at Peking University majoring in clinical medicine. She is devoted to the Band-pass Filters and also works on human practice. She really enjoys the wonderful moments sharing marvelous mysteries of Life with friends. Immunology, epigenetics hold special appeal to her, and so do badminton, volleyball. She is also keen on rhythm in classical music and rhyme in Chinese classical poetry.

Pan Xingjie

PAN Xingjie is a junior from the School of Physics. He worked on wiki building and bandpass filter construction. He had a terrific summer working with his assiduous and Promethean friends, from whom he learned a lot. In his spare time, he enjoys reading as well as staring blankly into the sky and letting his mind wander.


Ouyang Qi

Chen Shuobin

Yu Zhou


Zhang Haoqian

Lou Chunbo